La dimension « relation client » du métier de conducteur-livreur, un facteur d’engagement envers le métier


  • Jacquemier-Paquin Laure
  • Claye-Puaux Sophie
  • Jeanpert Sophie


  • Delivery truck drivers
  • Customer relationship
  • Professional commitment
  • Conducteur-livreur
  • Relation client
  • Engagement envers le métier

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The road freight transport sector is undergoing profound changes. The profession of delivery truck driver has enriched and requires new skills in the customer relational field, especially when delivering retailers. An exploratory research, by questionnaires, from 203 drivers, examined the fundamental role of this relational dimension, which contributes to a stronger affective and normative work engagement. The research contributes to the analysis of the influence of job perceptions on employee behavior in terms of work commitment. It highlights the specific characteristics of this short-staffed profession to improve its attractiveness.

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