Investigating frugality in supply chains: a logistics view of degrowth.


  • Fulconis François
  • Paché Gilles
  • Reynaud Emmanuelle


  • Closed loop supply chains
  • Degrowth
  • Frugality
  • Logistics

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The current economic system relies on the exploitation, or over exploitation, of limited natural resources, without regard to a moderate use of raw materials or the recycling of end-of-life products. With such a system, described as “linear”, how could we consider more growth without menacing the survival of Humanity? Shouldn’t we favor a more “circular” approach of economy, based on a more frugal use of resources and an improved recyclability of products? The article highlights the emergence of a logistics view of degrowth that opens new perspectives for researchers as well as practitioners. The major issue is to consider new shapes of economic growth integrating societal criteria as well as managerial criteria. The authors introduce a societal approach of logistical practices by insisting on the challenge of frugality and its consequences. It also places an emphasis on the central question of the stakeholders’ behavior faced with frugal supply chains, by broadening the analysis to a consumer perspective and a public management perspective.

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