Hacking teaching for creating knowledge in commons: open walked event-based experimentation


  • Vallat David
  • Fabbri Julie
  • Bohas Amélie


  • Open knowledge
  • Teaching
  • Learning expeditions
  • Common-pool-resource
  • Commons

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Open access to knowledge promotes collaboration, sharing, and exchange; further, it nourishes creativity, democratizes innovation (Hippel, 2005, 2017), and facilitates adaptation to a very volatile environment. So how can we favour collaboration and open access knowledge in education to stimulate students'creativity? We propose in this paper to present an experiment of situated learning based on the commons concept. This experiment relies on a method developed by a group of academics studying new work practices and collaborative spaces (the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces): the Open Walked Event-based Experimentation. The OWEE research method relies on collaboration to produce open access knowledge and considers walking in common as a good way to create a community. We adapted the OWEE protocol to a new context-a learning expedition mainly with students in a closed event space-to turn them into active and reflexive visitors of the fair.

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