Is Entrepreneurial Internationalization a field ? A bibliometric analysis (1989-2015)


  • Servantie Vinciane
  • Cabrol Mathieu
  • Guieu Gilles
  • Boissin Jean-Pierre


  • International entrepreneurship
  • Bibliometrics
  • Co-citation analysis

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The abundant academic literature on international entrepreneurship hasattracted the attention of many researchers in various fields (international business,entrepreneurship, management, marketing, to mention a few). A debate has beenopened on whether international entrepreneurship is indeed a field. In this article, weseek to contribute to this debate. We applied a bibliometric analysis to 567 articles oninternational entrepreneurship published during the 1989–February 2015 period. Themain indices that this is an emerging field are as follows: a concentration of publicationson central contributors and universities, key dates of social events, the creation ofa journal dedicated to the topic and a strong identity of keywords. A co-citation analysisshows that the international entrepreneurship field is structured on a stable body ofreferences, organised into five key clusters, distinct from its mother disciplines: internationalbusiness and entrepreneurship. Our work helps to identify the paradigmaticapproaches that structure international entrepreneurship.

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