Strategic Entrepreneurship - Analyse der Strukturen und Entwicklung des Forschungsfeldes

  • Guieu Gilles
  • Kraus Sascha
  • Marxt Christian
  • Filser Matthias

  • Strategie
  • Zitationsanalyse
  • Themencluster


Despite their shared focus, the two academic disciplines of strategic management and entrepreneurship have developed largely independently of each other. In times of economic crisis and uncertainty, entrepreneurial strategies are becoming more and more important for both new as well as established enterprises. Therefore scholars increasingly call for the integration of these two fields. Nevertheless, the evident intersection between these two research fields has been largely left uncovered so far. The objective of this article is to create a better understanding of this intersection, based on an aggregation of the extant literature in the two fields. This article attempts to structure and synthesize the existing scholarly works in the emerging field of Strategic Entrepreneurship by the means of a citation analysis of the articles published from 2001 to 2009 in academic journals on the topic. By analyzing 1,309 references cited in the initial basis of 18 articles, four cluster topics were identified that the emerging research field of SE is founded upon.