Improving Supply Chain Robustness & Resilience? Lessons from a case study in the automotive industry during the first wave of Covid-19


  • Fabbe-Costes Nathalie
  • Ziad Yasmina


  • Supply chain robustness
  • Supply chain resilience
  • Qualitative case study

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The Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on two important but complex SCM concepts: SC robustness and resilience. This paper explores whether SC robustness and resilience should be combined and how to improve both. The research is based on an in-depth single case study at Renault Group, a global car manufacturer. Forty-three key informants involved in managing the SC during the first wave of Covid-19 shared their experience. They confirmed the usefulness of making existing SCs more robust & resilient and suggested a set of resources and practices to do so. The discussion of the results opens new research avenues.

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