Big data environments and decision making: The time trial stage of the 2017 Tour de France


  • Vazquez Llana Jordan
  • Godé Cécile
  • Lebraty Jean-Fabrice


  • Decision-making
  • Intuition
  • Big data environment
  • Unexpected events
  • Police
  • 2017 Tour de France

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As demonstrated by Godé and Vazquez (2017), French National Police teams often encounter unexpected events (Godé, 2016) which compel them to make quick decisions. Big data environments can have an impact on their decision-making processes. The research question of this article is: “How are public safety decisions taken in big data environments?” This research focuses on a specific event: the time trial stage of the 2017 Tour de France, which took place in Marseille in 2017. The city of Marseille thus hosted the famous cyclists on July 21st, 2017 during this special stage of the popular annual French cycling race: up to 300,000 spectators were expected. In order to coordinate the numerous police patrols, the decision-makers of the Center for Information and Command (CIC) were able to rely on the set of technologies that constitute their big data environment. This new informational context is exploited by police decision-makers to identify risky situations, reassess a situation when an unexpected event occurs, and secure the operations of the teams on the ground.

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