« Network Organization to Improve Virtual Campus Management: Key Factors from a French Experience »


  • Fulconis François
  • Garrot Thierry


  • CAmpus Numérique en Economie-GEstion CANEGE
  • Competitiveness
  • Education
  • E-Learning
  • French Higher Education
  • Management
  • Network Organization
  • Organizational Change
  • Organizational Innovation
  • Public Sector
  • Virtual Campus
  • Virtual Project

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In the restructuring and reforming of European education, e-learning has become one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research in France. Since 2001, e-Learning Virtual Campuses have been promoted by the State. In Economics and Management, the CANEGE project (CAmpus Numérique en Economie-GEstion) was created. Identified as a form of network organization, this virtual campus is fully analyzed in its functioning and its management. Through the academic literature about network organization, the main purpose of this chapter is to make recommendations and establish best practices for e-learning virtual campuses management based on the CANEGE experience. From the very beginning to the most recent decisions, the chapter explores the most relevant aspects for virtual campuses set up with several partners.

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