LSP integration in Product-Service System Development: A New Managerial Challenge


  • Le Dain Marie-Anne
  • Paché Gilles
  • Calvi Richard


  • Logistics service providers
  • New product development
  • Outsourcing
  • Product-service system
  • Early supplier involvement

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It is recognized that logistics service providers (LSPs) have a strategic impact in the performance of the offer creation process for the majority of the manufacturers. The question addressed in this article is how the role played by LSPs can be modeled in the development of product-service systems (PSS). In order to attempt this objective, the authors chose to adapt a previously developed model to study the early supplier involvement (ESI) in a new product development context to specific situation of shipper/LSP interaction in PSS development. Using three illustrative cases of logistics outsourcing, the article suggests some distinctive features regarding the LSP involvement in PSS development.

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