An Investigation of Logistical Service in Franchising System: A Case Study in the French Context


  • Allegre Thierry
  • Fulconis François
  • Paché Gilles


  • Competences
  • France
  • Franchise
  • Logistical Service
  • Resources
  • Supply Chain Management SCM

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In the past forty years, the franchising system has undergone a remarkable expansion, notably in France, retaining more and more the attention of economy and service management researchers. A recurring question relates to the sources of competitive advantage that a franchise network may have. This paper intends to contribute to the debate based on the fundamentals of the resource/competence-based view, and applying the reflection to the case of the logistical service. Based on a case study driven within a franchise network, it is possible to conclude that the supply chain competences of a franchisor play an important role in the level of perceived satisfaction of franchisees when customised solutions are proposed thanks to information technologies.

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