Logistics knowledge creation in joint industry-academia research projects: the importance of dialogue and co-construction


  • Fabbe-Costes Nathalie


  • Logistics knowledge creation
  • Co-construction in research projects
  • Industry-academia interactions
  • Dialogue
  • Strategic logistics and SCM

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Knowledge creation in joint industry-academia research projects should be part of a knowledge strategy and a knowledge management (KM) approach in logistics and supply chain management (SCM). Based on an in-depth retrospective analysis of eight research projects carried out by researchers in collaboration with industry on strategic logistics and SCM topics, combining single and cross-case analysis, this article discusses logistics knowledge creation and points out the importance of industry-academia interactions, especially dialogue and co-construction, at each stage of a research project to create valuable logistics knowledge, both from a managerial and an academic point of view. It puts forward guidelines to improve the management of such projects and the quality of their outputs, especially logistics knowledge creation. Finally, it proposes a framework and opens avenues for further research with a view to deepening the dialogue and enriching the co-construction between industry and academia in strategic logistics and SCM research projects.

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