How to Avoid Dependence in the Videogame Industry: The Case of Ankama


  • Brion Sébastien
  • Gandia Romain


  • Avoidance strategy
  • Innovation
  • Dependence
  • SME
  • Videogame industry

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Despite its economic importance and leading position in the entertainment industry, the videogame sector suffers from financial and technological constraints, driven by dominant actors seeking to increase consumer lock-in. Avoidance of this dependence is a key strategic issue for a large number of SMEs. The purpose of this article is twofold: to analyze the phenomenon of resource dependence in the traditional console videogame segment and the consequences for SMEs (developers); and, in light of the lack of empirical research on avoidance strategy, to examine the strategic mechanisms available for SMEs to avoid dependence. The authors use a qualitative and longitudinal case study to show how dependence can be avoided through the implementation of endogenous mechanisms and mechanisms that enable the growth and evolution of a company beyond the boundaries of the industry.

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