Logistics: strategic function for enterprises in the french ready-to-wear industry?


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  • Logistics
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  • Ready-to-wear
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Logistics became a strategic function for companies, and its outsourcing is increasing. The barometer Outsourcing Ernst's and Young (2005) shows that more than 65 % of companies resorts to the outsourcing of their logistic activity. Nevertheless, that is it on traditional business sectors such as the ready-to-wear industry? This sector is indeed characterized by a large number of SME, the creation of which is the core profession and which still have no real skills in the field of the logistics. But, the seasonality of products, their fast renewal, the distant sourcing, etc. require to master this activity which, because of the constraints of the sector, becomes inescapable and strategic for companies. In these conditions, how is the logistic activity perceived, and how it is set up?

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