Study of an intelligent and multicriteria scheduling service, using academic benchmarks


  • Ounnar Fouzia
  • Pujo Patrick
  • Hachicha Maroua
  • Dubromelle Yves


  • Multicriteria Scheduling
  • Performance
  • Benchmark
  • Intelligent Control
  • Multicriteria Decision Making

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The implementation of new production organization methods becomes essential in the evolution of companies context. These methods include scheduling. In this context, scheduling is generally multicriteria. To solve this problem we need multicriteria optimization methods to search all optimal solutions and multicriteria decision making methods to choose the best compromise between potential solutions. The objective here, is to evaluate the performance of a multicriteria decision making method used, in real time, in the holonic, isoarchic and multicriteria model (named PROSIS (Product, Resource, Order, Simulation, Isoarchic System)) through academic benchmarks. After presenting the existing intelligent control based on an intelligent scheduling service, the choice of the multicriteria aid method named 'Analytic Hierarchy Process' (AHP) is justified. After that, the implementation of the multicriteria scheduling service in PROSIS is described. At the end, the benchmarks allowing to study the performance of the multicriteria scheduling are presented before analysing the results.

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