Hospital Food Supply Chain: When Digitalization Supports Hygiene Requirements in Hospital Catering


  • Retmi Kawtar
  • Ouzayd Fatima
  • Godé Cécile
  • Ennafah Btissam


  • Digitalization
  • Hospital catering
  • Hospital food supply chain
  • Hygiene requirements

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Hospital is a complex supply chain made up of multiple structures, stakeholders, operations, as well as information and material flows. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hospital overcomes several major challenges these last few months, which leads to consider its supply chain digitalization as a priority to improve healthcare and hospital services quality. Interesting in the specific service of hospital food, this article asks: How does digitalization support hygiene requirements in the hospital food supply chain? It describes the modelling and design of a hospital catering application, which aims to build a digital catering area in support to hygiene requirements.

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