La création d’une dynamique durable d’hypercroissance


  • Chanut-Guieu Cécile
  • Guieu Gilles
  • Tannery Franck
  • Dana Léo-Paul


  • Paradox
  • Medium-size firm
  • Growth
  • Dominant logic

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When the firm is undergoing hyper-growth (doubling its size in four years), this exacerbated development is characterized by numerous tensions. The notion of paradox allows for a positive understanding of the tensions of the growing company. How can a firm continue to grow and to renew itself without losing its balance? Through the longitudinal and multi-method analysis of the make-up of a medium-sized firm, we identify several dynamics that generate hyper-growth: (i) sustaining the pace of growth; (ii) extending strategic space; (iii) configurating the organization's SBUs; and (iv) transforming the strategic thought of the leader. These four represent the same dual structure: the dominant logic stabilizes and balances the action, whereas paradoxical tensions de-stabilize and question the action.

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