Wine industry Supply Chain: International Comparative Study using Social Networks Analysis


  • Saglietto Laurence
  • Fulconis François
  • Bédé Didier
  • de Almeira Goes Joice
  • Forradellas Raymondo


  • Wine Industry
  • Argentina
  • France
  • Supply chain
  • Social Networks Analysis SNA

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The objective of this research is to understand the structure of the Wine industry Supply Chain (WSC) using a social network approach in order to identify an appropriate performance measure for the WSC. We adopt a generic approach based on supply chain modelling, and conduct social networks analysis (SNA) to obtain a representation of the WSC. To assess the structure of the WSC, we consider the triad, group and whole network levels. We also conduct a comparative study of the New World and Old World WSCs based on data from the Mendoza Region (Argentina) (MA) and South-Eastern France (SEF) wine regions. We propose a conceptual model of the WSC which is tested using qualitative data from MA and SEF.

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